Rosser Photography has evolved over the last 30 years to encompass many areas of photographic interests. Rosser trained as a studio photographer by working as an apprentice to the renowned George X. Volk who operated his photographic studio across the street from the Ohio state capital building. Besides politicians, philanthropists, and ladies of distinction, {Classical Portraiture} the studio was contracted by several schools (public and private) to photograph the student body {Schools}. Creativity and quality of the portraiture and group photos was paramount.

Rosser studied fine art black and white photography, and became an Instructor at Trinity College (Hartford, CT) in Experimental Color Photography. It was on the first Earth Day that he decided to take his studio talents outside to integrate fine portraiture with the environment {Environmental Portraiture}. Since then, Rosser has produced memorable photographic portraits for countless individuals and families {Family Portraiture}: both in the studio and outside.

As a parent with children in youth sports, Rosser was attracted to the need for quality photographic events and products for the leagues of baseball, soccer, basketball, LAX, swimming and more {Youth Sports}. Rosser Photography now photographs over 2,000 young athletes each year.

Throughout his career Rosser has covered state and county fairs, camp programs, award ceremonies, appreciation dinners, retirement parties, fundraising events, golf tournaments, and more {Event Photography}.

Along the way Rosser has also photographed objects, sculpture, and art, for commercial and private use {Commercial and Illustrative Photography}. Several magazines have used Rosser’s photographs to illustrate their articles on people and places.

Rosser Photography is much more. Call Rosser Photography to discuss your photographic project.